Real estate valuation and real estate estimate

An important pillar of our consulting services is the creation of valuations, estimates and expertise. Our clients include individuals, communities of heirs and judicial bodies (courts) as well as institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds. They all have in common that our expertise is the basis for decisions of considerable economic importance.

As a member of the Swiss Association of Appraisers (SEK), cbhatcheragency AG has recognized valuation experts who are familiar with current and innovative valuation methods from teaching and practice. Market knowledge, technical and structural knowledge and many years of experience in construction and planning law round off the abilities of our estimator team.

Valuation objects and valuation events are very different.

  • Cbhatcheragency services
  • Valuation of land, houses, apartments and villas
  • Evaluation of multi-family houses, investment properties and entire portfolios
  • Valuation of commercial and industrial properties
  • Evaluation of construction projects
  • Evaluation of construction rights, residential rights and services

We help to acquire, manage and sell real estate. In doing so, we specifically address the needs of our customers. Goals, strategies and philosophy of our clientele are important to us. If these are not available, we develop sustainable concepts. The social, ecological and economic environment must not be neglected in order to increase the return. Only in this way is a long-term successful and sustainable investment guaranteed.

Our clients include small and large private investors / investors and professional investors such as insurance companies, health insurances, banks and pension funds.