About values and visions – the Cbhatcheragency mission statement

Values ​​and visions – the Cbhatcheragency mission statement

As a real estate service provider, management and employees shape the image of our company from inside and outside through their attitude, thinking and acting. This picture shows the success of Cbhatcheragency AG to a great extent.

The foundation of our success are the values ​​and norms that have grown over the years, according to which the Cbhatcheragency  live. These values ​​are the foundation of our common action.

Our employees formulate these values ​​as follows:

  • We stand for open and honest communication
  • We stand for trust and respect for all customers, suppliers and employees
  • We offer success through quality and professionalism
  • We inspire through the joy of being and of work
  • We are team players and give each other recognition
  • We are reliable and serious

Building on these values, we consistently pursue our vision, which we formulate concisely and ambitiously:

  • Cbhatcheragency  is aiming for the leading position as a real estate service provider in the Eastern Switzerland region.
  • In all Cbhatcheragency business areas, real estate management / administration, real estate brokerage / sales, Immobilien Invest, we are the reliable and competent partner for our customers.

The aspired leading position is dependent not only on key figures such as turnover, hand changes and the number of managed properties, but above all on the subjective sense of quality of our customers. We listen when our customers speak.

Such are targeted investments in training of employees and infrastructure of our understanding of structural quality. And reproducible processes form the basis for sustainable quality of results. At Cbhatcheragency EXPERTS, the quality of results means satisfied customers!

The Cbhatcheragency properties and services are aimed at individuals, corporations, banks, judicial bodies and institutional investors.